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Listing Number
wine-spirits-directory #12185
Type of Business
wine, spirits, liqueurs, alcoholic beverages and related products importer, distributor, trader in SPAIN
Company Address
**********Nacional 232 S/N, 26330 La Rioja BRIONES
Managers in Charge
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Phone Number
+34 941 32 ****
Fax Number
+34 941 32 ****
Company Introduction - Description / Brands / Products

"I have always felt that our wines had to tell a story. From humility, from learning, from the respect one should feel when one looks at nature and listens to the earth. I wanted to tell it in a different, more innovative way. Trying to show all the Riojas that lie behind Rioja. From the curious features of a native grape variety, unique in the world, to its ability to adapt to the best terroirs. All this was and is my personal challenge. I try to make my wines different, authentic, sincere and unique. So they transmit the expression, authenticity and personality of our vineyards. Making them and ageing them with the utmost respect, but from a demanding, dynamic, up-to-date vision. It is how I truly feel. And this is what I want to share. When was the last time that a wine surprised you?" - Rafael VivancoBodegas Vivanco / Product range: Rioja

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