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Listing Number
wine-spirits-directory #08499
Type of Business
wine, spirits, liqueurs, alcoholic beverages and related products importer, distributor, trader in ITALY
Company Address
**********ella, ZIANO PIACENTINO (PC) 29010 Italy
Managers in Charge
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Phone Number
+39 (0)52380 ****
Company Introduction - Description / Brands / Products

Casa bella s.R.L. Is the proud owner of the winery that gets its name from the family home of count montemartini. It was built towards the end of the 19th century in the classic style of the time, with spacious rooms and a full-brick vaulted cellar which has been refurbished. / Product range: still wines; montarquato; viticoltori arquatesi; sparkling wines; casabella

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