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Listing Number
wine-spirits-directory #20854
Type of Business
wine, spirits, liqueurs, alcoholic beverages and related products importer, distributor, trader in FRANCE
Company Address
**********e rue, 10110 Celles Sur Ource
Managers in Charge
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Phone Number
+33 3 2538 ****
Fax Number
+33 3 2538 ****
Company Introduction - Description / Brands / Products

Coming from a wine growers lineage, our House has been family-run, from father to sun, for four generations. Alain Cheurlin set up his own compagny in 1978 and in 1985, he bought the Jean Arnoult House. This House one of the first in the Aube Region was founded in 1919 and belongs to the family. / Product range: Champagne

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