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Listing Number
wine-spirits-directory #02744
Type of Business
wine, spirits, liqueurs, alcoholic beverages and related products importer, distributor, trader in ITALY
Company Address
**********i, 23, CUSANO MILANINO (MI) 20095 Italy
Managers in Charge
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Phone Number
+39 (0)2664 ****
Fax Number
+39 (0)26640 ****
Company Introduction - Description / Brands / Products

The sperone/neirano cellars belong to the sperone family, engaged in the wine industry for 4 generations - fine wines from piedmont such as barolo and barbera superiore, sparkling wines such as asti and prosecco - prestigious italian spirits - these are our internationally-awarded products. / Product range: still wines; arduini; neirano; sparkling wines; arduini; neirano; sperone; spirits and fortified wines; caravella; distilla; sperone

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